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Monday, January 31, 2005

"The Car"

Everyone knows of the old rule for artists that states the value of their work will increase upon their own death. Well it would seem that rule also holds true for cars.

The new Barrett-Jackson record holding $3.24 million 1954 Olds F-88. Posted by Hello

2004 was the last model year for Oldsmobile's, so now that it is 2005 Olds is officially dead and looks like it's money in the bank for that '93 Ceira gramps has been driving. Well... Okay, not really. However this is an astounding price. The previous record was only $2 million and had been held for 15 years. This Olds crushed it. Now among the high end automovite collectors/museum crowd this little sister of the Corvette is being referred to as, "The Car"

Barrett-Jackson F-88 LINK


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