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Thursday, December 13, 2007


The illustrious former Senate majority leader Goerge Mitchell has released his report upon his investigation of "performance enhancing" drug use in Major League Baseball. Whoopty Doo! It's not like every one hasn't known that players have been juicing for the last 10 years or so. They might as well have had a press conference to announce that the AL was going to continue to use the Designated Hitter. Nothing new here.

Unlike all other 45 year olds Clemens needed drugs to keep playing in the MBL, poor guy, must be a genetic defect or something.

As for the press's "surprise" at Roger Clemens being the #2 guy in the report behind Barry Bonds I have to wonder about their intelligence. Come on, the guy's a 1000 years old and built like a brick shit house. What's the big surprise?

As for the press's concern that this could ruin baseball... PLEASE! This will have all the impact on the future of the game as the Dead Ball era has today.

But I guess it makes for an easy story to get in for their deadline.


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