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Monday, October 13, 2008

Second quarter Buckeye update

After the 1st quarter update I was greatly concerned about the year that the 2008 Buckeye’s would have. Now, at the 2nd quarter update Ohio State has put up 3 wins, to move from 2-1 to 5-1 and things seem to be, after changes in QB and on the O-line, moving in the right direction. I am feeling hopeful.

Ohio State 28 – Troy 10

The future is now. In Pryor’s first start the Buckeye looked to put the ass beating by USC behind them and for the most part was successful in doing so. The defense was able to handle one of the hottest offensive teams in America and the O-line, with the true Freshman Brewster at center seemed to make gains.

Ohio State 34 – Minnesota 21

The Gophers came into this game undefeated with absurd delusions of grandeur. The defense wasn’t superb, but capable and the offense made growth and made Buckeye fans a little more hopeful before heading into Camp Randall for a night game.

Ohio State 20 – Wisconsin 17

Wow. The game was hard hitting and the defense again delivered a solid, if not stellar performance. The offense was fully contained in the 2nd and 3rd quarters but that game ending drive with Pryor marching the Buckeye’s down the field for a go-ahead TD with 1:08 left was beautiful.


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