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Monday, January 31, 2005

Have we lost yet?

I was thinking today about how the long the left has been saying we are losing the War in Iraq. They started saying it the moment our tanks slowed down for gas before the big push into Bagdad. They said it when we toppled the Ba'athist government. They siad it when we got Uday and Qusay. They said it when the Iraqis established an interm government to begin taking over operations form the US. They said it when we got Saddam. On the eve of the election, that went much better than I dared hope, Ted Kennedy himself said we are "losing". All the left ever says is that we are the problem and we are losing.

Which brings me to a question. What happens if 4-5 years from now we are out of Iraq and the young democraticly elected government is not only still there but making things better and Iraq is a friend of the US? Will they say the US was resoundingly defeated?

Regardless of what is taking place on the ground the left continues in thier, "We're losing. Pull out now." mantra that they learned in Vietnam. As long as they continue fighting terrorism and the Islamists with the losing tactics from 4 decades ago the only thing that can be certain to be lost is more elections... by them.


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