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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

RTP: Wilmington II

This is the start of a new feature on Dublinsaab. RTP stands for Road Trip Report. The rest should be fairly obvious.

This was my second trip to Wilmington, NC to visit and drink merrily with Jeremy from over at Literary Liberal. I was able to get a good start by hitting the road at 5:35am. The weather was cold, 17­°­ F, but the roads were clear in Ohio. However by the time I had made it to Parkersburg, WV I hit a band of heavy snow. The snow lasted about 40 miles during which I observed numerous vehicles off the highway including two which had been opened with the Jaws of Life. One of the vehicles in fact still had a back seat passenger trapped, who the rescue workers where franticly trying to free, as I drove past. I averaged 40 to 55 mph and was able to make it through safely.

Light snow while South bound on I-77 near Camp Creek, WV.Posted by Hello

Light snow continued into Virginia but the roads where fine the rest of the trip down. The only other high light for the outbound was passing a Subaru XT near Raleigh. I gave the driver a thumbs up for having such an obscure car on the roads but he didn't seem proud to drive one of the goofiest cars from the Eighties. Total travel time was 10:02 with a drive time of 9:37.

Heidi stopped for a fill up in VA. Got to love all that salt!Posted by Hello

While in Wilmington Jeremy did spot an early Saab 93 slowly bio-degrading in someone's backyard but there was no place to pull over and get a better view.

For the trip back the weather was clear until West Virginia where it began to rain, a rain which got continually heavier the closer I approached to Columbus. North of Charleston, WV I decided to take US 33 home instead of I-77 to I-70 just to spice things up. US33 cuts the corner saving miles but takes the same time due to a much slower rate of travel... or at least it used to. From Athens, OH to exit 146 on I-77 in West Virginia there is an all new US 33 that cuts an even shorter route than the previous one while completely avoiding the towns of Evans, New Haven, Mason, Pomeroy, Darwin, Burlington, Pratts Fork and Shade. The new road is wide, has broad hill cuts, huge radius curves and has abundant passing zones. As you can imagine this is now the preferred route. Total travel time back was 9:45 with a brief drive time of 9:05.

The view from the Blue Ridge as you drop down from VA into NC.Posted by Hello

More Numbers. Heidi started the trip at 267,219 miles and ended with 268,589 miles which makes the trip total 1,370 miles. She averaged 29.2 mpg for the trip. I ran into zero traffic backups and obtained a trip high of 95mph. Outbound speed avg. was 73mph while the inbound avg. was 71mph.


At February 24, 2005 9:18 AM, Blogger Natalie said...

I've done this trip 10 times or so, from Williamsburg, VA to Cleveland or Dayton, where my families live. Ugh to West Virginia in bad weather, but it's not as bad as the PA turnpike through DC, which should be avoided at any cost!

At February 24, 2005 1:34 PM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

Yeah Natalie, I did the PA turnpike (at night,with a filthy windshield [wiper came off], for the first time--in a U-Haul) to DC to visit Jason on the move down here. Chad's route is much more direct (hence only nine hours for a substantially longer crow's flight trip) and he gets to skip Pennsylvania (ugh) entirely.

And Chad, I went back and looked at the 93 (I think, no badge) up close. It is, as could be observed from a distance, rotten, and as, you said, smaller than I thought. It being fairly tall like all Saabs might be the source of my mistaken impression.

At February 24, 2005 7:19 PM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

Okay, that is one wacky Subaru. And nice job finding the page written in Cyrrilic (spelled almost certainly wrong). I checked on the Sunbeam in the UNCW lot today. Either dude has some very convincing aftermarket chrome saying "Tiger" along the side and a badge with "Ford 260" underneath it (always possible) or else he owns himself a gen-u-ine classic roadster. I'm (as always) rooting that its the real thing.

At February 24, 2005 10:50 PM, Blogger Dublin Saab said...

I thought that Cyrilic page would add to the great obscuria of the XT. Also I have had the chance to enjoy the pleasures of the PA Turnpike. Of course when I say pleasure I am lying.


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