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Monday, January 30, 2006

Thumbs UP: Audi Roadjet

The Audi Roadjet concept is a near mid sized 5 door with AWD and a turbo charged V6 pulling the whole thing down the road. The concept of course has some absurd amount of horsepower but what it doesn’t have is outlandish sheet metal. This car is good looking and would make a wonderful A3 replacement.

On a Saab note I am disappointed to see the name “Roadjet” go to Audi. Since the Opec created oil shortages of the 1970’s all major car makers have dabbled with forced induction but only Porsche and Saab has been producing turbine driven supercharged cars, continuously for the last 30 years. Unfortunately Saab’s 9 naming convention and Porsche’s recent obsession with difficult to pronounce names beginning with the letter “C” have left this wonderful name slip past them.

Good News: Last week Audi announced that due to over whelming positive response to the Roadjet concept at the Detroit show that the car is going to go into production.

Bad News: Audi stated at the same time that they doubted they’d bring the Roadjet to the US market.

WTF?! So Audi is saying, in essence, that our concept was so well received at the American auto show that we are going to make it, only once made we won’t sell it to the same people who convinced us to make it in the first place.

Or more likely Audi had every intention of producing the car and simply decided to take advantage to the buzz to pretend to have been “pushed” into production by consumer demand. However, they failed to notice the astounding idiocy of saying that American interest has convinced them to not sell the car in America.

Dirty bastards.


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