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Thursday, December 08, 2005

America Wins!, 413-382

Breaking News! Some group, the Union of Concerned Scientists, that until now I’ve never even heard of has taken it upon themselves the important task of getting this vital information out to the public.

What information? Well nothing less than the fact that over 50% of all satellites orbiting the Earth are American satellites! I’m stunned. In this day and age I would have though such an none diverse satellite representation impossible. Sadly I was wrong.

Losers. The UCS, founded in 1969 at MIT, with offices in Cambridge MA, DC and Berkley CA is nothing more that a bunch of watermelons. What they are looking for, aside from finding Socialist solutions – masked behind a shroud of scientific legitimacy – to everything, in telling us we own the skies I’m not sure.

They present this information as if it’s de facto bad. You say we have most of the satellites? A say, bully for us.

I’ll be looking forward to the UCS’s next press release that the AP treats as a news story to expose yet another area in which America is an exception success. Good to see someone trying to get some good news out there.


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