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Monday, August 27, 2007

#2 Ohio State Buckeyes

Having lost so much from last years National Championship game team (even though they forgot that they actually had to show up and play the game) this year’s Buckeye team should not be as good. You just can’t lose a Heisman trophy winning QB and most of your offensive talent and not experience a back slide. However the team, built around the core of a strong defense and special teams, should not be bad, at all. In fact, this team, on paper, is better than the title winning 2002 team.

So will Tressle Ball be back in full force? Get a QB that limits mistakes to a minimum, keep Beanie healthy and have a dominate defense and the Buckeyes could find themselves back in the show.

Prediction: 10-2 (6-2)

Worst Case: 7-5 (4-4)
Young talent cracking in an early west coast away game, inability to run and gun at Purdue and a lose to Wisconsin leads to a nightmare “rebuilding” year when everyone was expecting a “reload”.

Best Case: 12-0 (8-0)
Tressle makes it back to the Championship game, only to be told by everyone and their uncle that they have no business being on the same field as USC on route to a 33-27 win over the invincible Trojans.


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