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Monday, October 13, 2008

Ohio State 16 - Purdue 3

I stopped at my regular deli here in Croton-On-Hudson this morning for a breakfast sandwich and the friendly deli man asked me how the Buckeye’s did this weekend. He had to ask because he’s a New Yorker, which means he knows very little about college football, it’s just not a NY thing. I answered by telling him that it turns out that our phenom true Freshman QB is fully capable of playing like a true Freshman and the O-line is more porous than cheesecloth. That sums up my feelings on the game.

Now I know that the Buckeye defense did a fine job and Malcolm Jenkins is the man but are the defense and special teams going to be able to single handedly win games @ Michigan St, @ Illinois and against high power Penn St even though it’s at home?

It is safe to say that I have never felt this poorly about a 6-1, #12 ranked team.


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