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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Will the real Boogey Man step forward?

There are many who scream muder over the evils of "corperate greed". They protest in foul weather, wear clothing emblazened with anti business slogans at resturants and have a general Marxian longing to see private enterprise fail. For the true diehards of this cuase they have outlets available to them, "mom and pop"shops, free trade botiques and such, that allows them to boycott the dastardly business world while still obtaining the things they need. They tell us to be ever vigilant for the greedy Boogey Man in a business suit, but I don't fear him, I fear someone much worse.

The local government official.

Here we have a story of a hard working mother and her Habitat For Humanity home brought to ruins by the local taxman. That Habitat Home owners are not allowed to sell the home until after they pay off the 20 year mortgage is just one of many restrictions they have to live with in order to get the home. As long as the orginal owner is in the house a Habitat Homes should not be assested normal value, after all they aren't normal homes. I think that's a reasonable plan.


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