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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Not holding my breath.

Not sure what to make of this little story. I have to say the ideas are running rampant in my head from one comment from “someone” at Saab that spiritual successor to the C900 is coming. Who said it? What does that mean, exactly?

Ford remade the Mustang, can the same happen to the C900?Posted by Hello

What we know:
The current 9-2x is pretty much a Subaru WRX. Car and Driver stated in their review that it’s as close to badge engineering as you can get without doing it. The WRX is a good car and all who have tested the 9-2x have said it’s even better, but not much better. The fact is that 9-2x couldn’t be selling worse even if GM was trying. The questions the automotive media raised were, “are Subie buyers going to pay extra for the more refined 9-2x?” and “are Saab buyers going to buy Subie in Saab clothing?”. The answer to both those questions would appear to be no. The Saab engineers simply didn’t have enough time to make the already existing WRX platform Saablike enough to differentiate it from the original.
Very nice but just not selling.Posted by Hello

The next WRX/Saab platform, due in ’07-’08 was co-developed by the Subie and Saab guys from day one. The next gen. platform will introduce diesels to the Subie lineup. From that we can glean that the platform will be capable of taking an inline engine as opposed to the current one which is boxer only. If it can take an inline diesel then it can take an inline gas engine as well. Not to disparage the boxer engine but they shake like the devil and most Saab folks like their cylinders lined up like good little soldiers for Gustavus Adolphus and not lying down on the job.

Beyond that lies speculation. And hope.


At May 12, 2005 8:29 PM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

The 9-2X doesn't look like a Saab, which is probably why Saab people aren't buying it. I hope you get your wish for a new 900, but I'll agree that the article was a bit vague and secretive.


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