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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thumbs DOWN: Mini Traveller

The Mini Traveller is silly. It’s basically a regular Mini, with a slightly altered nose, that has an extended wheel base to add about 2 extra feet of length behind the rear seats. A Mini for people who need a bigger car they say. Well how long until a 7 seat Mini SUV I ask.

While I find the nose a very nice update over the current car the extra length creates a Mini that when seen in person is disproportionately long. The car just looks odd, too long and too narrow.

Mini is looking to expand the range from 2 (Mini, Mini convertible) in the coming years but seeing as the Oxford plant is already maxed out I don’t see the need. I fear a watering down of the brand image.

Mini always has a neat display and a DJ under a Mini parked on the wall was this years trick.


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