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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I can disagree with you, you can shut up.

Momma Sheehan is up to her antics again, not much to report there. For a thorough Fisking of her actions and the violent cook left fringe she hangs out with check out this article from Ben Johnson that is so chock full of links you better pack a lunch.

Cindy "peace mom" Sheehan hangs out with her good buddy Hugo Chavez, the budding tyrant of Venezuela.

One thing that Ben doesn’t get into, that always gets a chuckle from me, is the blind intellectual dishonesty on the part of the left when it comes to dissent. From shouting conservative speakers off stage, stealing of conservative papers on campus to Momma Sheehan’s attempt to heckle the SOTU address last night, people on the left are constantly taking “direct actions”, not to counter conservative ideas, but rather to try and see that conservative don’t get to voice their ideas. Then on the flip side if anyone so much as voices disagreement with the left they then cry foul, accusing those who disagree of censorship or violating their First Amendment rights. Huh.

Even on the campus of my little community college I have seen people – wearing the ubiquitous Che shirts – removing postings for things such as Christian meetings or announcement of conservative speakers from the bulletin boards. I even got into a heated argument with a militant vegan that was putting PETE stickers on the walls, mirrors and doors in the restroom after I told him that he should use the many bulletin boards around campus instead of vandalizing the restrooms and creating work for the cleaning staff.

In a recent issue of Time there was an interview with Hollwood lefty George Clooney who was lamenting on how Bush has been using extra-constitutional powers to crush dissent in America. This was at the end of an article, in TIME, in which he had been bashing the Bush administration, the war et al. Does it ever occur to George that in light of Time’s willingness to publish his dissenting opinions and the fact that he hasn’t been arrested for his dissenting opinions sort of make his accusations ring hollow?

No. For when the left takes action to limited the freedom of speech of the right they label it as “patriotic dissent” but when we tell them their actions and idea are wrong they turn and accuse us of that which they themselves are guilty of. Projection?


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