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Monday, September 17, 2007

uh... what?

Mark Hemingway, a staff reporter for National Review Online, visited the big anti-war rally in D.C. on this past Saturday. While most of America was getting together for college football's week 3 a few thousand folks went and had a "die-in" to send the single to Capitol Hill that the US is bad and wars that involve the US need to be stopped no matter what, which is pretty much the same single they've been sending since about, oh, 1967.

Anyway, Mark took some photos that can be seen here and here and there is one in particular that stopped me cold.

How, exactly does one sacrifice liberty for freedom? Now Mark takes the time to point out that the quote should be, "Those who would
sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither." But I think Mark may be jumping to conclusions that the holder of the sign was in error in substituting the word freedom for security. I think it's quite possible the sign holder meant what he wrote and I for one agree with the sign.

Think about it for a second. If you are willing to trade liberty for freedom you are obviously lacking the needed mental acumen to be allowed open access to society at large and do in fact deserve neither.


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