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Friday, October 17, 2008

Preview: #11 Buckeyes visit #15 Sparty

Well, after over a year of wanting to actually write a preview here I am, finally doing so, and I am a twitter with excitement. No doubt, so are you. For this, and all other posts for the rest of the year, I will be using the BCS rankings. The AP's long history is nice and all but the BCS is the one that counts. The BCS has yet to release their rankings but the numbers and formula are well known, HERE is a simulation of what would be this weeks BCS.

Has there ever been a time when Buckeye nation felt this down and full of gloom when Ohio State was 6-1, ranked #11 and controlled their own destiny in getting the Big10 Championship and a trip to the Rose Bowl? I'm pretty sure the answer has to be no. After last weeks poor showing by the offense, a poor showing that included awful line play, a group made up of the walking wounded at running back and a QB that played like a true freshman many Buckeye faithful are bracing themselves for a defeat in East Lansing.

I hope we get to see this several times on Saturday.

In order to win...

Michigan State's offense needs to give the ball to Javon Ringer more than 30 times with him averaging more than 6 YPC. Since Ringer is almost certain to get the ball more than 30 times it's up to Sparty's O-line to see that there is space for him to run in.

Ohio State's offense needs to open up the offense. The Buckeyes need to show a willingness to throw the ball more than 15 yards deep or the MSU secondary will spend all day cheating up and closing running lanes. The O-line needs to not play like girls.

Beanie likes giving out free rides.

The Sparty D meanwhile needs to put pressure on Pryor as early and as often as they can. Pryor seemed to regress a bit against Purdue and I imagine the MSU D-line wants their piece of the freshman "phenom". If they can get this pressure they will have put themselves in a position to slowdown the Buckeye running game, which could make for a long afternoon.

Ohio State's defense needs to keep on, keeping on. Lost in all the gloom from the Purdue... victory? was the fact that the defense played quite well. MSU lacks any real big play threats and Hoyer at QB is not scaring anyone. The defense needs to stick with an aggressive Man coverage that allows 8 Silver Bullets to keep Ringer penned in. If the running game isn't going and Hoyer has to throw the ball, things could go very well for the Buckeyes.

If James and the defense play well they should make Hoyer feel as blurry as he looks.

My crystal ball says:

Ringer is going to get around 110 yards, which is low for him, and he'll need about 42 carries to get it. That means the MSU offense is going to be bogged down all game. Ohio State's offense will look better, but not all that good. Ohio State will try to go down field with the ball but the receivers will drop the passes. However the Buckeye defense will get a couple turnover's in great field position and the offense will be able to capitalize.

Ohio State 24 - Michigan State 17

Then begins a week of gloom over playing Penn State.


At November 07, 2008 9:23 AM, Blogger Nightcrawler said...

This is Sparta!!! lol... Let's Gooo Mountaineers!!! Looks like WVU and OSU are going to finish up with similar records (provided WVU doesn't choke against sPitt and South(ish) Florida.

Any chance of the Mounties and the Bucks meeting in a bowl game?

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