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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Don't get mad, get even.

Just deserts is right.

After a Supreme Court ruling last week that gave local governments power to seize private property, someone has suggested taking over Justice David Souter's New Hampshire farmhouse and turning the property into a hotel.

"The justification for such an eminent domain action is that our hotel will better serve the public interest as it will bring in economic development and higher tax revenue to Weare," Logan Darrow Clements of California wrote in a letter faxed to town officials in Weare on Tuesday.

Why if I had the money I’d try to steal, err, appropriate for the public “good” the houses of all 5 of the justices that voted in the majority. (For more click here)

I would also like to mention that this is the second time in as many weeks that all 4 of the “liberal” judges, including the 3 Clinton appointees, voted in favor of a more powerful government at the expense of the “little guy” the Democrats so lovingly pretend to care about. First all 4 of them decided that states don’t have the right to allow even terminally ill patients access to medical marijuana and now that a city can simply steal privately owned land, peoples homes, and transfer ownership over to a second private party, just so land as the second party will end up paying more taxes.

These are things to consider now that O’Connor is retiring, especially since she did vote for the little guy in both cases.


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