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Thursday, June 02, 2005

BOTD: Quilmes Cerveza

Interested in Argentinian wines are you? Well today we get to take a look at Quilmes Cerveza, “Argentina’s favorite beer”. Other than being brewed in Buenos Aires I was not able to glean much info from the Spanish only web site. I guess that’s just further proof I am a racist pig.

From the home of Patagonia.Posted by Hello

As I get ready to open this bottle I am over come by a feeling of doom and worry over exactly how old an Argentinian beer in Ohio just might be and am only slightly quieted by the dark brown glass of the bottle. After opening I learn my fears were well founded, also I was lucky to have opened it outside. The beer was old and fully skunked. Hiding under the age I sense there is a decent lager to be had. Unfortunately I doubt it can be had fresh this side of the equator.

Brewery: Quilmes
Year: 1890
Origin: Argentina
Style: Lager
Content: unknown
Rating: skunk
Recommendation: Best to avoid unless you are in Argentina.


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