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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Union Do's

I’m not a big fan of what unions do these days. One of my bigger critiques is that they have become little more than PAC’s for the left than organizations defending their “workers”. The OEA (Ohio Teachers Union) seem to be no exception.

From Wednesdays Columbus Dispatch Online.Posted by Picasa

So from the above picture I can gather that the OEA not only backed issues 2-5 but they were a primary backer as little guys don’t get to host the official election night party. Well done OEA! Looking at how badly the issues were defeated it’s safe to assume many teachers voted against the issues, issues that the OEA used their compulsory union dues to support.

The OEA took money, forcibly, from teachers, under the guise that it is for collective bargaining, etc. and instead spends the money on pet political causes that; a) have nothing to do with teaching and or education, and b) many of their members disagree with.

There is nothing unique about the OEA, just one of many examples of what’s wrong with many big unions today.


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