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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Same old same old

It’s to the point I am starting to get bored with the clock-work predictability of the MSM (Main Stream Media – for you folks in Upper Tilton). The latest in their “objective” reporting regarding the whole Cindy Sheehan mess is a near carbon copy of the Swift Vet’s story from this time last year, and it’s all about a glaring double standard.

When the Swift Vets brought their accusations against Kerry the MSM did a full court press to investigate the group, try to find connections to either the RNC or White House and generally attempted to discredit the group. Their actions regarding the Swifties are in and of themselves fine, in fact it’s good to know the ties of any political group. However, there is a “but”, and that is that in addition to the Swifties there was a second group of Vets, only they supported Kerry. How did the MSM handle them? By acting horrified that anyone would stoop so low as to question the motives of a veteran.

There are 1800 mothers, who like Cindy Sheehan, have lost a child in Iraq. The vast majority of them still support the effort that their children gave their lives for. For the last two years the MSM has not reported a single one of their stories. When pressed on this the collective response has been along the lines that it would be inappropriate to intrude on a family and put them under the spot light over their personal tragedy. That is a find stand to take but it seems to have all gone out the window once a “gold star mother” showed up who hates Bush. Gone is the respect for the family and in its place is a media circus. Mean while for those who question her motives the same accusation awaits as did last year. The MSM gets on it’s imaginary moral high horse and acts shocked that someone could be so rotten as to dare question a Gold star mother.

The double standard is this; If we agree with you then we will present you as being beyond reproach due to your connection to the armed forces but if we don’t then we will either ignore or discredit you. So the quickest way for you out there who really needs to be on national TV would be to join the Army and then as soon as you’ve signed the enlistment forms call the NY Times and tell them you are a “soldier who doesn’t support Bush’s war”. I bet they’d hold the presses.

SIDE NOTE: With over 1800 gold star moms out there couldn’t the MSM have found one who can articulate an anti-war position without simply dredging up tired old MoveOn.org / Michael Moore / DU fever swamp drivel? Do they really think someone ranting about Bush getting his jollies off with each soldier killed or that Bush is lining his pockets with stolen Iraqi oil or that Israel should surrender to Hamas or other nonsense is going to be identified with by the majority of Americans? It would seem to the MSM that the answers are “no” and “yes”.


At August 17, 2005 2:13 AM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

Agreed. That woman is the Left's Schiavo parents.

At August 19, 2005 9:26 PM, Blogger Nightcrawler said...

Great post on a subject that I've covered at length. She's definitely a wacko moonbat, no question about it.


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