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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Back Conservative = Race Traitor

In Maryland the Democratic opponents to Lt. Gov. Michael Steele in the race for the opening Senate seat have resorted to using racial slurs in their attacks of him. How are they able to justify this? Simple, see Lt. Gov. Steele is a black conservative and as such is in essence a traitor to his race and therefore racial slurs are fine.


What would the reaction be if Republicans, in say Iowa, went around calling white Democrats “nigger lovers”? I imagine that CNN, NY Times, et al would be tripping over themselves, running stories on the front page, dedicating entire shows to discussing yet another example of how hideous and evil conservatives are. But when the shoes on the other foot and a black conservative is called an “uncle Tom” it’s only gets play in the local conservative paper.

There is no difference between a while calling another white a “nigger lover” and a black calling another black an “uncle Tom”. None, ziltch, zip, nada. Both contain the exact same concepts of racial animosity, racist world views and hatred.

Their words and attitude are both despicable and indefensible, and this from the party that claims to be carrying the torch of Martin Luther King Jr.


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