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Monday, August 15, 2005

19 days

The time is fast approaching when once again the ‘Shoe will become the center of the universe. The 2005 Buckeyes are in full fall practice and the city is, to a rather irrational degree, breathless with anticipation.

Your 2005 Ohio State BuckeyesPosted by Picasa

Last year was on paper a poor performance for the Buckeyes as they came in with a meager 8-4 record. However due to the 5-1 finish that included a thumping of Oklahoma State and a solid thrashing of Michigan in the last two games the bar has been set and the expectation is for at least a Big Ten championship.

Even at the national level there is a high level of “respect” – as they say – being given to our boys this year. Here’s a look at the preseason rankings in so far.

At this time ESPN, the AP, Harris and BCS rankings are not available.

Are preseason rankings irrelevant? I think not, they give a guide of where, on paper, each team stands, and by combining you get a fairly accurate rating. And yes the system is horribly flawed so that some little school that starts unranked can’t get a shot at the title, but that’s a discussion for another day and we aren’t a small school. We are Ohio State and if we win all our game then we will be dancing in Pasadena come Jan. 4th. The only thing left now is for our boys to go out on the field and turn all those ifs into W’s.


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