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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Helen takes pictures

Just when we thought Helen’s travels last summer was bad but this summer is out of control. She has spent 5 of the last 8 weeks in Asia. This time I asked her to take some pictures. Enjoy.

The entrance to Helen's hotel in Dehli.Posted by Picasa

Jelous of Helen at the Taj? Don't be, it was 109° with 92% humidity and she got heat sicknessPosted by Picasa

Main gate at the Taj.Posted by Picasa

Animals and people in the river? Got to be India.Posted by Picasa

Birds, in cages, hung on a tree outside in Hong Kong. I guess PETA isn't everywhere yet.Posted by Picasa

The Leela Palace, Helen's hotel in Bangalore.Posted by Picasa

The view from Helen's room in Hong Kong.Posted by Picasa

View of Hong Kong harbour from the looby of the hotel.Posted by Picasa


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