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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The BCS Shakedown

Thanks to the upsets of Virginia Tech and LSU the Ducks of Oregon can’t even cry foul as the losses move Ohio State up to #4 in the BCS rankings, which is an automatic berth, regardless of whether or not you win your conference, and move Notre Dame into the #6 spot, which thanks to the cushy deals ND always manages to gives them an automatic berth. So technically speaking, there are no true “at large” teams in the BCS this year. Now on to the games.

Rose Bowl

Texas vs. USC
This is the match up that has been in the cards since the preseason when both teams started ranked 1 and 2. Both teams survived games they should have lost, USC 34-31 to Notre Dame to Texas 25-22 to Ohio State and both teams made strong statements in their last to regular season games.

I expect this to be a shoot-out but I feel Texas has a better defense and are a bit more hungry.

Who to cheer for: Texas
Why Texas? A) They beat us, in our house no less, which will sting a little less if they finish 12-0 and national champs. B) I really don’t want to hear about “First ever 3-time Champion USC for the next 12 months. C) Southern California sucks.
My pick: Texas 54-42

Orange Bowl

Penn State vs. Florida State
Joe Pa vs. Daddy Bowden, much hype is going to be made of these two legendary coaches going at it for perhaps one last time (Joe leads the series 6-1), but they aren’t playing. FSU has played some really awful ball this year, Penn State hasn’t. The question is did the 4 loss Seminoles run their tanks dry in defeating Virginia Tech for the ACC crown? I think yes. PSU is having a special season while FSU backed into their BCS spot.

I see a close game with the coaches being a draw, while the kids wearing blue and white are better.

Who to cheer for: Penn State
Why Penn State? A) They beat us, which will sting a little less if they finish 11-1. b) We hate Florida teams. C) Penn State is in the Big10, unity brother!
My pick: Penn State 28-21

Sugar Bowl

Georgia vs. West Virginia
With VT and Miami leaving the Big East their cupboards are rather bare. WV not a bad squad per se but their just don’t play anyone. In the one game WV had a chance to make a statement they got their shit handed to them by Virginia Tech. The mountaineers will play hard but in the end just simply aren’t the same caliber as the Bulldogs.

This is the least, by far, exciting BCS match up.

Who to cheer for: Georgia
Why Georgia? The Big East is a middling level conference posing as an elite, they have an automatic berth that should be an “at-large” and they need to be taught their proper place in the world of college football.
My pick: Georgia 38-9

Fiesta Bowl

Ohio State vs. Notre Dame
Whee! This is a classic match up with two of the best traveling teams in the nation, eBay should do well on the fees from the sale of tickets for this game. Ohio State matches up very well with the Irish. The games that OSU has had a problem this year was against the mobile quarterbacks from Texas and Penn State, unfortunately for Notre Dame Brady Quinn is not a mobile quarterback. The Buckeye’s two losses are to fellow BCS teams, while ND lost to 5-6 Michigan State. As long as Ohio State’s Troy Smith and the offense keeps humming Notre Dame should be in for a long game.

OSU and ND are 2-2 all-time, look for the Buckeyes to will this rubber game going away.

Who to cheer for: Ohio State
Why Ohio State: duh.
My pick: Ohio State 48-24


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