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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Basketball Bucks

Tip of the hat to the Ohio State basketball team, men and women’s. This week marks the first time that both teams are ranked in the top10. The men’s team is ranked 9/8 while the lady Buckeyes are a consensus 5th.

Jessica Davenport posts up against Penn State.

The women’s team was expected to do well this year and having finished the regular season with a record of 25-2 have not disappointed. They also have finished as the lone Big Ten champions. They have the Big Ten tournament this weekend where, if they win out, should be able to garner a #1 seed in the NCAA tourney.

Terence Dials takes it home as the Buckeyes sweep michigan.

For the men it’s a different story. They started out the year off the radar, completely ignored with people thinking they’d be a middling team at best waiting for next year’s stellar recruiting class. Ha! The team has come together around a core of three 5th year seniors to surpass everyone’s hopes and with two games left and a 21-4 record are alone in first place in the Big Ten. They currently have an RPI ranking of 5th and with the boys can win out, and win the Big Ten tourney they have an outside chance at getting a #1 seed as well. Not bad for a squad no one thought would even make the NCAA brackets.

There is still a lot of ball left to play but both teams are playing hard, especially on the defensive side, so here’s hoping they can make some noise next month in the tournaments. Go Bucks!

NOTE: If you are reading this Swade next year the Buckeye’s have 4 of the top 29 prep players on their class including Greg Oden, who, if it had not been for an NBA rule change was expected to be the #1 pick in the NBA draft this year.


At February 28, 2006 4:51 PM, Anonymous Swade said...

I assume that's the youth rule that came along with the last CBA?

A long, long time ago we had coverage of the college game here in Australia. They only did it for 2 seasons and it happened to be the time when the Fab-5 were dominating in all games but the one that counts.

I haven't been able to see college ball since, but have very fond memories. Would love to be a part of March Madness just once. I have a mate here who went to the NCAA tourney about 5 or so years ago. A friend of his from New Zealand, Kirk Penney, was playing in it. I think they did OK. Kirk tried out with a few teams in the NBA but didn't get picked up.

As I dont have any other alliegences: Go Buckeyes!!!

Although I do love the name "Gonzaga" for some reason. Probably a Muppets thing.

At February 28, 2006 9:08 PM, Blogger Dublin Saab said...

Wow, I’m surprised you had any coverage of college ball at all. As for the Fab-5, I remember them well, and bittersweet memories at that.

First of all you must under stand that there is a HUGE rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan that started with a boarder war in the early 19th century and continues to this day. At the same time as the Fab-5 Ohio State had some good teams built around Jimmy Jackson. However, we could never get past Michigan, that’s the bitter part. The sweet part was the look on ol’dumbass’s face when he realized that they had no time out’s left. Oh so sorry, you lose.

As for the rule change in the CBA, you are correct. It was setup this year, after Maurice Clarret – who was a star running back for the Buckeye’s football squad and helped win the national title in 2002 – failed in his court case to force the NFL to hire him after completing only one year in college. After he lost his trail he then lost his appeal, and then the Supreme Court refused to even hear the case, the NBA decided to let people grow a bit before being drafted.

So this new rule, the Clarret rule if you will, was created by a Buckeye star that turned into a major embarrassment for the school – Clarret is currently awaiting trail for armed robbery – has in the end benefited the school by forcing Oden into at least one year of college.

For myself I am in favor of the rule. Too many young idiots with visions of Kobe sized paydays declare themselves for the draft after high school, the vast majority never even get a look. Then they find themselves working at McDonalds as after declaring for the NBA having lost their eligibility to play college ball and end up throwing away a free education.

Also, glad to see you cheering for the Buckeyes, and I also love the name Gonzaga.


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