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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yap yap yap grrrrrrr!

Liberals have again used the eulogy of a prominent person to take swipes at Bush. This is low class and tasteless. Amidst continual complaints from Liberals that Republicans aren’t doing enough to “reach across the aisle” to their congressional counterparts, speakers at Coretta Scott King’s funeral took to the pulpit, not to lead the way on points of agreement, but rather to make political cheap shots.

Carter took the cake by trying to compare the NSA taping Al Queda phone calls to the tapping of MLK’s phone in the 1960’s. Come on man, first of all it was the Democrats, including Saint Bobby Kennedy, who as USAG approved the wire taps, and not evil Republicans. Second, they were trying to dig up dirt on MLK in order to then ruin his name, influence and marriage – a far cry from national defense.

The Liberals, with their inappropriate harpy-like ankle biting comments, managed to make Bush’s speech look like something form a statesman. Some wonder why Bush doesn’t get upset about things like this. I know why, it’s the fat friend theory. The same mechanism that ensures there is always one fat ugly friend with any group of girls out on the town is why Bush loves their spiteful speeches. They help make an otherwise awful public speaker look good.


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