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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Forcast calls for Rain.

We’re off to the ‘shire (Cheshire to be exact) this afternoon. We’ll be gone 10 days but most of that will be spent in appointments getting things set for the wedding. Yay! We are going to steal away for a couple days in Edinburgh which looks like will be our vacation for the year. I was hoping to get a post on Clarett’s crashing and burning during the NFL Combines before we left but with a few hours left it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. So, you’ll have that to look forward to while I have my first flight in a 747 to anticipate. Till then.


At March 24, 2005 11:06 PM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

I know we're not fans of the guy, but "crashing and burning" is a little extreme. Yes, those are some poor sprint times, but if he does well in some of the other drills, he can still go pretty high. He's going to get drafted probably no later than the fourth round, which means he's still going to be a millionaire for eight games of college work and a lot of bragging about how he did things he knew were wrong. Life should be so tough for everyone.

At March 29, 2005 7:20 AM, Blogger Dublin Saab said...

I'm going to stick by my guns on this one. I feel there's one bit of info you must be missing. I say you must be missing it because if you had this scrap of info you wouldn't have mentioned that things will be ok if he does well in the "other drills". The bit that you are missing is that after he ran poorly he left the combine without completing any of the "other drills". So he showed that he's out of shape both physically and mentally. He will go after the 4th round if he gets drafted. Is there are beer on this? He goes before or during the 4th IOU and if he goes after the 4th UO Me. Deal?

At March 29, 2005 2:48 PM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

The one article I found on my Google search and the quotes from his agent didn't mention that. So I'll look into it further. But since I love to gamble, sure, fourth or above. Beer.

At March 29, 2005 4:29 PM, Blogger Dublin Saab said...

Here is a quote from the Sporting News:
"Who cares what he ran?" one NFC general manager says. "That's not the thing that's disconcerting. The part that's bothersome is that he stopped (after running the 40) and didn't do anything else."

Here is a quote from a different article:
It's been beaten into the ground, but the fact remains that Clarett could have jumped as high as the third round with a spectacular workout. Instead, the week was a stunning failure. Though he did have some decent interview experiences, his mid-4.7s in the 40, and subsequent ditching of the remaining workouts, have doomed him to the sixth or seventh round of the draft.

Here is a blip mentioning that if he doesn’t do well in a later test he may fall off the draft boards.

Here is him not being welcomed to “scout day” at OSU.

Here is the latest. He will now hold a work out at his old HS. He's changed his trainer and is expecting to do well.

Now it could be his poor showing in '04 and dismal performance this year are the result of having a bad trainer. Or it could be he's just a flake. Either way we have a bet.

At March 29, 2005 7:01 PM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

That he is a flake is not, and has never been, in dispute. That he tore up some Big Ten defenses, and that desperate teams gamble higher picks than they aught on unproven head cases (see: Akili Smith), and that some GM is convinced that he's just a good trainer away from being a viable back are not in dispute either. It's probably going to hinge on his high school workout. A guy that can't break a 4.7 will always get caught from behind and will never be considered a breakaway threat, and that's a sixth or seventh rounder. If he runs a 4.55 or a 4.6, and shows the ability to change direction explosively like he did in college, he's still a fourth rounder (an extrordinarily good workout could make him go in the third, but we'll agree that's highly unlikely).

Since I'm facing long odds here, if I win, it's gonna be something ridiculous like Chimay or Corsendonk.

At March 29, 2005 9:47 PM, Blogger Dublin Saab said...

WFT is Corsendonk?

At April 01, 2005 12:36 AM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

A goofy, high-octane Belgian that comes in a 750ml bottle.


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