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Thursday, May 26, 2005

SOCAS's, why can't I hear you?

First Newsweek misreports an “alleged” incident involving a Quran and the porcelain god, which is then used to fame the flames of hate throughout the Muslim world. Then the Pentagon decides to hold Newsweek over the coals for the incident they have created with their questionable “adversarial” journalism. In response the left leaning journalistic community has spent days turning over every single rock searching for any evidence anywhere of any Koran abuse by the government.

That is the background which leads us to this story reported in the AP; Inquiry Finds Some Quran 'Mishandling'

With this in mind I would like to ask where all the Seperation-of-Church-and-Stater’s are? Where are the voices of those concerned about the impending theocracy? When will those claiming not to be anti-Christian has they try to get “In God we trust” taken off the penny, but merely worried about the government supporting any religion come forward to defend our government on this one?

Seriously folks, the government isn’t supposed to do anything to offer support to any religion… right? If so then what the hell is the big deal if some government employee ruins some book, that was purchased by the government and therefore is government property, even if the book in question is full of what some people consider magical words straight form the mouth of some deity?

You guys worry on being forced to be Christian, have you seen the rules regarding how the goalers at Gitmo can have contact with a friggin Quran? They have to wear gloves just to be allowed to touch the bag the Quran is kept in because they are dirty infidels. WTF!? Just listen to the language being used by both the press and the government about this issue.
The other two cases in which the allegation was not substantiated involved interrogators who either touched or "stood over" a Quran during an interrogation, Hood said. In one case not deemed to be mishandling, an interrogator placed two Qurans on a television. In the other case, which Hood did not describe fully, a Quran was not touched and Hood said the interrogator's unspecified "action" was accidental.

This is abuse that needs the full resources of our MainStreamMedia brought to bear? No. For one thing if it had been the bibles of Christian Fundamentalists I doubt the media would have given a hoot and the other is that pesky separation thing.

In the eyes of our government the Quran should have no more significance than the April 1987 issue of Car & Driver, for once they show preferential treatment to the scared book for group A, then they have opened the door to showing special treatment for all "holy" books.

We have a secular government and the response to those “outraged” over the alleged book flushing should have never been to apologize with a vow to get to the bottom of this, but rather it should have been clearly explained to them what a secular government is that it’s none of their damn business what the US government does with US owned books and US owned toilets. In fact those who claim to be the defenders of Church/State seperation should be demending it.


At May 26, 2005 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "separation between Church and State" afficianados are interesting in separating Christianity from the State. Islam--that's OK!

At May 27, 2005 12:35 AM, Blogger Dublin Saab said...

I don't know so much that they think it's "okay". If I had to guess I'd say it more a result of a hypersensitivity to and or contempt for Christianity bred by their familiarity to the primary faith in the US. Though I am interested in hearing from them.

And they should be interested in this story since favors granted to Islam could be used as a back door (equal protection clause) by the feared Christian Conservatives to get favors for Christianity.

At May 27, 2005 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Humans worry more about their own rights than others. This relates directly to what Hitler did. No one stood up for the rights of the less-fortunate or minorities, until the Nazi state became so powerful and the atrocities so widespread that it was too late for the majority and larger groups to stand up to the machine. There's a quote out there I read once by a rabbi who talked of this, that he kept standing by as various economic, religious and social groups were attacked, and by the time the Jews were attacked, there was no one left to defend him.

Great post and insight regarding the lack of open-mindedness in our country.

At May 28, 2005 3:44 AM, Blogger The Evil Jeremy. said...

Excellent post DS. As we continue our seperate-but-equal missions to expose hypocrites, frauds, blowhards and fakes, mine (usually) on the Right and yours (usually) on the Left, I wish you continued success. There is no reaching the truth but by elimination of self-serving hypocrisy and deception. Well done.

I wrote a much longer response before this one, but it was eaten. When will I learn to copy before posting?


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