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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An end to enabling

The Year: 1977

The Location: Washington DC

The Event: 12 armed Islamic terrorists storm into 3 buildings, seize control of all three and take 134 people hostage, of which 109 are Jews. During the course of the 39 hour siege the hostages are beaten with fists, rifle buts and one man – Marion Barry, future cokehead DC Mayor – is shot. The incident comes to an end without the loss of life when the terrorists surrendered at the behest of ambassadors from 3 Islamic nations that the FBI had brought in help.

The Motive: The leader of the group, Hamaas Abdul Khaalis, was seeking revenge against American Jews for the murder of members of his family, even though they had been murdered by other Muslims. Khaalis also demanded that United Artists to pull the distribution of the movie, Mohammad, Messenger of God.

Eye-Witness Account: A terrorist pointed his gun at one man and said, "If the Lord gives me permission, I'll kill you."

Does anyone in the US, aside from Marion Barry who even in a coked up stupor most likely remembers getting shot, even remember that this happened? Everyday the cry that Iraq is the cause of terrorist acts grows, but what of events that preceded it?

The sad fact is that we in the West have a suicidal narrow minded centrism that only allows for the events in the world to be caused by our own actions, and a furtherance of guilt that requires taking blame for all the ills in the world. It’s a bloody mindedness that borders on racism that simply can’t comprehend the notion that someone non-Western could have motives and desires that don’t conform to Western norms or is at the least influenced by the inherent evils of Western actions.

Thus we have the continued calls for the creation of a world wide caliphate where all four corners of the globe would be put under the boot heel of Islamic law and demands for superstition to be put before science that come from the very mouths of the Mullahs, Imams and terrorist we are fighting completely ignored. All the while we bend over backwards to find the ethereal “root cause” in items that can only be fully blamed on the West.

But regardless of our own tortured self-examination there is a root cause. There is a tether, cord, a certain similarity, a commonality that binds the blind Imam, the billionaire warmonger, the middle class gunman, the well educated student who flies the plane, the illiterate bomber on an Israeli bus, the normal looking bloke on a London tube and all the others out there for whom the killing 20 children to get at one infidel is a fair trade. Deep down in our guts I feel most of us know exactly what the binder is, but we dare not speak its name. Some in the West come close but invariably use an endless supply of qualifiers like, extremist, radical, militant and other invented ist’s and ism’s to muddy the waters while appearing to take a stand.

There is a gorilla in the neighbor’s yard that is snatching kids from the sidewalk and devouring their souls and I for one am done enabling the neighbor to live in denial of the monster in the hope that it will one day just wander back off into the hills.

I will stand in the mirror and say Candyman three times. I will call it by its name, and its name is Islam.


At July 27, 2005 4:10 PM, Blogger ForNow said...

Amazing. I never heard of this. I'm sending this all out to friends.

At July 28, 2005 12:18 AM, Blogger ForNow said...

And I happened onto your blog merely by pressing "Next Blog" a number of times.

Here are links to the articles which I sent to my friends as a result of your post.

+ An end to enabling -- Dublin Saab, dublinsaab.blogspot.com, July 27, 2005 at
+ Muslim hostages take over B'nai Brith headquarters. -- Kesher Talk (Judith Weiss, Ed.), August 31, 2002 at
+ Hanafi Islam -- GlobalSecurity.org, undated at
+ B'nai B'rith International Under Siege -- Rabbi David E. Fass, Temple Beth Sholom, February 2002 at
+ Barry 'A Very Lucky Man'; Bullet Stopped Near Heart -- Kathy Sawyer, Washington Post, March 10, 1977 at
+ Violence at City Hall Was Random -- Robert G. Kaiser & Milton Coleman, Washington Post, March 1, 1977 at
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/local/longterm/library/dc/barry/violence.htm at
+ Looking Back: Hostages Held at B'nai B'rith -- Greenbelt Intefaith News, June 1, 1997 at
+ B'nai B'rith Building Evacuated After Threat -- Greenbelt Interfaith News, June 1, 1997 at
+ Hostage To Our Illusions -- Diane Cole, The Jewish Week, September 30, 2005 at
+ In wake of B'nai B'rith chemical scare , questions remain -- Matthew Dorf, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 2, 1997 at
+ Excerpt "The Hanafis" from "Emergence of Islam in the African-American Community" -- Adam Edgerly & Carl Ellis, ReachOut Volume 7, No. 3 or 4, undated at
+ Teaser quotes from "The Hostage Mentality" -- Dorothy Rabinowitz, Commentary, June 1977 at

Now, Commentary appears to provide only four or five teaser quotes from Dorothy Rabinowitz's article, but when one copies & pastes them (into Notepad or plaintext email), or enough of the Webpage to include, I guess, some hidden things, then one finds that one has dozens & dozens of distinct quotes from the article. I guess the quotes visible on the Webpage were chosen from among the rest, but the rest were never deleted, merely hidden somehow -- but not from copy-&-paste into Notepad or plaintext email. Anyway, it paints a fascinating & troubling picture which one gets from none of the other articles -- hostages sympathizing with the terrorists, etc. The quotes concern the hostage-taking & the killings by Khaalis & his men in D.C., and also the hijacking of an airplane by Croat nationalists. The quotes are not in order -- the final dozen or so seem to be from the article's beginning.

At July 28, 2005 12:34 AM, Blogger Dublin Saab said...

You found significantly more than I could, well done. Thanks for the extra links. I'll be taking a look at them tomorrow.

At July 29, 2005 7:55 PM, Blogger Nightcrawler said...

Great job! I'm afraid that too many pointy-headed intellectuals have too much trouble wrapping their narrow little minds around the fact that WE are not to blame for everything.


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