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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Critical Thinking = Agreeing with me

I would like to commend film maker Evan Coyne Maloney for making the film Brainwashing 101. A documentary on the leftist bias and witch hunting of conservatives on our nations so called “diverse” universities.

The full length film is still in the works but there is a shorter 46 minute version available at the site linked to above. In the short version Maloney visists his alma mater Bucknell, also Caltech Poly and the University of Tennessee to expose three examples of the bias.

At Bucknell the situation is one of a more generic leftists lean. Econ major talking about how the only time capitalism gets mentioned is to denigrate it and how the reading list is made up entirely of leftists. Also he interviews an Econ professor who explains that the top economic thinking of today comes from “feminists who have worked to refine Marx’s ideas”.

At Caltech Poly there is the story of a student all most ruined and expelled for nothing more than posting a flyer announcing a talk being given by a conservative author. A student called the police to report the flyer, which had on it only the name of the author, the name of his book and the time/place of the talk, was harassment. The school then spent years and a considerable amount of tax dollars to punish the conservative student.

UT however take the cake. After shutting down an entire fraternity for racial insensetivity because 5 white students (all who were from Jackson, TN) dressed up as the Jackson5 at an off campus Halloween party the school later takes no action against a student who sent out an email suggesting that “the f*cking ragheads should be shot in the face”. Of course the student who sent the email wasn’t some redneck, bible thumping, trigger happy hick but rather a well ensconced leftist conformist while the “rag head” in question wasn’t a Muslim, instead he is a Shik who just so happens to be a vocal pro-American and conservative. Talk about your double standards.

All in all it’s to the point with little commentary by the film maker and if you think colleges are a bastion of open mindedness you are in for a trip. I do recommend taking an hour to watch the film.


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