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Monday, April 16, 2007

More on Kitchen update

More on the kitchen, this will probably be the first time you can associate yourself with someone demoing (MS Word Dictionary tells me “demoing” is not a word. I say it’s behind the time and that the modern proliferation of “sweat equity” in home improvements has in fact truncated the word demolishing into “demoing”) But then I also say the Saab C900 is the bestest car ever so you can take that for what it’s worth.

Where was I? Oh ya, this will probably be the first time you find yourself associated with someone destroying both a GRANITE counter top AND tumbled marble back splash. How fancy are we?

Helen was concerned with the potential difficulties in removing a GRANTIE counter top. I explained to her that it’s all about material science and that while granite is profoundly strong in compression its torsion strength is about as serious as a Tom& Jerry cartoon. A $20 sledge, a 5gallon bucket and 10 minutes can make your $7000 counter top vanish. But then granite isn’t about longevity, it’s about good looks.

PS: Some Tom & Jerry cartoons dealt with Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany which actually makes them significantly more serious than granite’s ability to resist torque.

The upside

No tax dollars will be spent prosecuting this f#ck.

Kitchen 1.5

Kitchen 1.0