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Friday, December 08, 2006

Bad detector

Well after only 3 short weeks in Croton tonight we had to make a second call to the police department. Earlier in the day the CO detector had been going off and I had to reset it. Then after we got back from dinner it was going off again. Helen wanted to know what to do and I found a NY state webpage that said to call 911. I thought that was a bit much so I called the local police on their non-emergency number.

They told us to get out of the house and sent out 2 cruisers, a heavy rescue and a ladder truck. They swept the house with 3 different CO detectors and all showed low. Seems the detector that came with the house went bad. On the upside we gave the nieghtbors something to watch.

Merry Christmas Mr. Fireman.

Heavy rescue dwarfs Mila.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Going to Home Depot

Today we get to see what it’s like to go to Home Depot. In Columbus there was a Lowes 1 mile from the house. In Croton it’s Home Depot and it’s up in Montrose, which is due east of Peekskill. Today I took the back way up to the store and then came back the shorter route through Peekskill and along the river.

There is not quite the same as the drive to the Lowes in Columbus.

This is along the New Croton Reservoir.

This is route 6 west, Main St., as you start to drop down into Peekskill. The ridge in the back ground is on the other side of the Hudson.

This streach of 9 is just as you get into Croton.

The Office

I have started in the office. The walls are still the old paster and seem to have 3 layers of wallpaper. The first two layers have a lot of paint on top of them. All I'm going to do is take off the top coat of paper and them do some minor repair before painting.

This is the view out of the office window.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mila at the dam

On Michael's first full day in Westchester we started by going to check out the New Croton Dam before heading into the city. Had to get a snap of Mila in the lower lot.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Front Room After

Now this is the new look to the room. The peach color has been replaced by what Helen calls a mushroomy grey. In these pictures the room still needs to be merchandized.

Front Room Before

The first room that was takled was the front room. It will, I think, prove to be the easiest.

The room was an awful peach color with a lot of holes and cracks in the walls.