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Monday, January 31, 2005

Clarett; Never missing a chance to fail.

One time Ohio State "star" tailback Maurice Clarett pulled out of a nationally televised skills competition 24hrs before the show.

Many of you know my theory. That Clarett injury from the end of 2002 season has never healed correctly and he infect is incapable of playing. Thus he has done everything to avoid being seen in action. From lying to the NCAA investigators, showing up fat and out of shape to the NFL combines last year and now this, every choice he makes is garenteed to keep him off the field. He needs the paycheck before his new NFL team discovers that he is damaged goods.

But that's just a theory. He might just be that big of a flake.

In a side note. ESPN, who has been trying very hard to make Clarett look good and Ohio Stae look bad, ran a quote from Clarett's agent saying, "Clarett will blow people's minds'" as the title for the article while other Sports News sites all ran headlines reflecting Clarett's stupidity. ESPN sure has an axe to grind.

Moonbats to fly away.

The nutters over at DU seem to think leaving the US is the thing to do in response to losing an election. Such inflexiblity and refusal to be open to new ideas is not just a moonbat thing but has infected a large part of the left and the DNC. There is one lone voice of reason over there crying,

We still need your vote. The conservatives like to make lots and lots of babies!

But I doubt the moonbats will drop plans to move to France and start popping out kids instead.

Have we lost yet?

I was thinking today about how the long the left has been saying we are losing the War in Iraq. They started saying it the moment our tanks slowed down for gas before the big push into Bagdad. They said it when we toppled the Ba'athist government. They siad it when we got Uday and Qusay. They said it when the Iraqis established an interm government to begin taking over operations form the US. They said it when we got Saddam. On the eve of the election, that went much better than I dared hope, Ted Kennedy himself said we are "losing". All the left ever says is that we are the problem and we are losing.

Which brings me to a question. What happens if 4-5 years from now we are out of Iraq and the young democraticly elected government is not only still there but making things better and Iraq is a friend of the US? Will they say the US was resoundingly defeated?

Regardless of what is taking place on the ground the left continues in thier, "We're losing. Pull out now." mantra that they learned in Vietnam. As long as they continue fighting terrorism and the Islamists with the losing tactics from 4 decades ago the only thing that can be certain to be lost is more elections... by them.

"The Car"

Everyone knows of the old rule for artists that states the value of their work will increase upon their own death. Well it would seem that rule also holds true for cars.

The new Barrett-Jackson record holding $3.24 million 1954 Olds F-88. Posted by Hello

2004 was the last model year for Oldsmobile's, so now that it is 2005 Olds is officially dead and looks like it's money in the bank for that '93 Ceira gramps has been driving. Well... Okay, not really. However this is an astounding price. The previous record was only $2 million and had been held for 15 years. This Olds crushed it. Now among the high end automovite collectors/museum crowd this little sister of the Corvette is being referred to as, "The Car"

Barrett-Jackson F-88 LINK