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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BOTD: Backyard IPA

In conjunction with the Indians poor performance in the last 3 games of the ALCS today's beer comes to us from the Cooperstown Brewery located in Copperstown, NY, the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This one gets knocked out of the park. heh.

The beer is bottle conditioned and contains a good amount of sediment in the bottle producing a cloudy brown color in the glass. The nose of the beer has a nice balance of malt and flowers with just a hint of apple. The front is malted and smooth, with no bite and still with a hint of apple flavor. The back is clean with a strong hop finish.

Brewery: Cooperstown Brewing
Year: 1996
Origin: America (Cooperstown, NY)
Style: IPA
Content: 6.1%
Rating: A finesse IPA with a classic finish.
Recommendation: An excellent drink for anyone looking to expand their ale pallet.